Vehicle Diagnostics West Sussex, Gatwick, Crawley and East Grinstead

If you have a dashboard warning light you may want to think twice about driving your car to a garage.  We provide a mobile vehicle diagnostics service using the latest Vehicle diagnostics equipment from Snap-On.  This means we can come to you, perform a full system diagnosis and show you the results.  Then we can give you a quote to fix the issue and perform the repairs at your location.  We have a fully mobile workshop with everything on hand to perform the exact same repairs as your local garage.

The Verus Edge is a mobile diagnostics system made by snap on and is able to quickly diagnose your problem while you watch.  This means you will be certain that the diagnosis is correct and you are not billed for unnecessary work.  The Solus system can give us a complete history of the vehicles past problems giving us a better knowledge base to identify problems and potential problems in the future.  More importantly, the system is fast which keeps costs to a minimum.  We work with a number of car dealerships who use us to check a vehicle out before they sell as many issues are not obvious until the it is too late!

The thermal imager allows us to check problems such as brake issues and manifold misfires without the need to take the car apart.  You will be able to see for yourself if your concerns have merit and we can advise on the best course of action.